The Magic of Helen, GA

Helen, GA. You want to talk about some folks that had a beer for breakfast…it’d be the founders of Helen, GA.  I stopped through over the weekend to try to experience the magic that could only happen in Helen.  First, I thought about how that place ever happened to begin with.

“Uh, righty.  We’ll take all of the rough-hewn, Georgia mountain structures…tear them down and replace them with a Bavarian village!  Brilliant!  Cheers!  Drinks all ’round.”

Was there some pent-up demand for a Bavarian Village in North Georgia?  I’m sorry, but I really don’t get it.  I did promise to write about the magic of Helen and here it is.  Only in Helen can you turn this:Atlanta landmark restaurant chain...long live the greasy spoon!

Into this…..

Same greasy spoon in Helen!

Huddle House in Helen!

Magic?  You decide.

Be sure you come back later this week.  Tomorrow you’ll understand why the Underground Economy will make the Fair Tax inevitable, and on Friday you’ll see what kind of magic I can perform on a 21 year old hot tub!

My whole trip to N. Ga was a disaster this weekend and it took me




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