The Art of Skipping Lunch

I often skip my lunch and instead spend my time walking the streets of downtown Atlanta.  I’m a friendly kind of guy and I like making strangers into friends–even if just for the moment.  The people I choose to speak with are the ones that look like they could use a friend–even if I’m just a temporary friend. When I do this, I rarely get around to eating that day.  I exchange nourishment for my soul instead of nourishment for my belly.

Most of the people I speak with are guys like the one in this picture.  Double click for a real close look.

Think about what he's thinking about.

Or this one.

The branch in his hand makes him invisible...just part of the landscape.

Or this one.

He's praying, not sleeping.

Or her.

Alone in a city with five million people.

Or her.

Just thinking about the way things used to be.

You get the picture.

You don’t have to feed or clothe them.  It’s not your responsibility to fix them.  Just remember that they’re somebody’s son or daughter.  They were children at one time.  Maybe you rode bikes with them.  Maybe, just maybe, there’s a connection.

Here’s all I want you to do.  Just say “good morning.”  Just acknowledge their existence.  Smile.  Remember they’re human.  Help them have at least one moment in their day that makes their day suck just a little bit less.

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