Susan Boyle–Is there enough beer on the planet?

Susan Boyle--Apple of Simon Cowell's Eye!

Susan Boyle

Somebody make it stop!

One look at this broad made me pull one of my eyes out of its’ socket with my bare hands.   The upside to that is that I can go get a glass eye, grow a pencil-thin mustache and do a killer Sammy Davis Jr. imitation.  I don’t give a rats ass if she can sing like an angel.  I’ll take all the Victoria’s Secret angels that can’t sing worth a shit.  My cat just vomited up a seven ounce hair ball and I swear it looks exactly like Susan’s hair style.  I will admit though, that the Muppet-brow is somehow strangely hot.

Just to be fair, I’ve included a link–audio only (proof that there is a God!) of an early recording of Susan that she apparently shared with just a few friends.  I’d suggest wrapping your head in a dark colored beach towel and double bagging your head prior to clicking on the link just in case her image somehow pops up.

Normally my top rating for a post would be 12 beers, but there’s really not enough beer on the planet to drink this one pretty.



My recommended beer for this post is Ommegang’s Three Philosphers Belgian Style Ale. It weighs in at a whopping 9.8% alcohol.  Trust me you’ll need every bit of that and more.

Ommegang Three Philosophers

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