Obam’s $100 Million Dollar Budget Cut Initiative–Put in Perspective

President Obama is having his first full cabinet meeting this week and he’s loaded for bear.  His first initiative is to cut a whopping $100,000,000.00 (that’s what one hundred million looks like) dollars in budgetary spending in the next 90 days.  This guys not playing around.  One hundred million dollars! (Use your best Dr. Evil voice when saying that.)

President Obama and our Money Now let’s take a moment try and get a little perspective on what impact that will have on our trillion dollar budget.  First, let’s get our hands around a trillion–it’s really, really big.  A trillion is a million million, or a thousand billion…it’s the number 1 with 12 zeros behind it.  It looks like this:


If you were to stack a trillion dollars of one dollar bills it would reach 1/3 of the way to the moon–or aproximately 68,000 miles high.  If you were to lay that stack out on a track it would circle the earth 2.75 times.  Are you getting there yet?  Imagine a giant ribbon of dollar bills that you could actually wrap the earth with 2.75 times!

If you were to drive, say at an average cruising speed of 75 mph–non-stop, from the beginning of the stack to the end, it would take you 90.6 hours or 38 days without ever letting up.75-mphOkay, we understand a trillion a little better.  Now let’s understand the impact of the budget cut initiative on, let’s say, an average American family.average-american-family According to the latest Census, the average American family’s household income is $50,233.00.  Let’s work through some quick math.

We’ll multiply $50,233.00 (Average American household income) x .0001% (the percentage of the total budget that this cut represents) = $5.02 cents per year.  So, if this family spent every single penny of their $50,233.00 per year and wanted to mirror President Obama’s budget cut on their own household, they’d have to find a way to cut $5.02 of their total annual spending.  C’mon folks, that’s $0.41 cent per month!  Is that really plausible?41-cents

Hope that helps.

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