Obama Shirtless Mag Cover Starts Bathing Suit Frenzy in DC

That damn dog Bo has been getting all the press lately and the President isn’t going to take it sitting down.  Seems First-dog Bo’s nude layouts and photo ops struck a cord with Obama’s press secretary–Robert Gibbs. Gibbs is stricking back at Bo and has arranged for President Hotbama to do a shirtless magazine cover for DC political rag the Washingtonian.

Obama Topless

“Screw the issues,” said Gibbs, “Obama’s a hottie.  This is a natural step for a President.  What other President could pull this off?  Nixon, Hoover?  Can you imagine how ridiculous Lincoln would have looked topless?  America needs this right now.”

Right wing political hottie Condi, not to be outdone by President Hotbama decided to show a little skin of her own.


“If this is what it takes to get some attention around here, I’m in.” said said Condi after donning her clothing at a recent SCLC wet-bathing suit contest.  This stunt did not go unnoticed by right wing pin-up Sarah Palin.


Sarah got sudsy at a NRA car-wash last Saturday and showed us the goods.

“Nobody trumps a Clinton,” said a nearly nude Hillary as she showed off her latest swimsuit.


Hot or not, I can’t tell, but the trend is obvious.  Skin is in in DC and if you want to run with the big dogs you’re going to have to work those abs!

I rate this blog 5 beers.



Jim–A Beer for Breakfast

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