Life–A Soundtrack in 5 Songs

There are songs that you immediately identify with that take you certain places and remind you of specific times. Here’s a challenge for you.  Choose five songs that represent the soundtrack of your life. It’s harder than you think.

Here are mine in chronological order.  Whatever you do, play the last video on this post.

1. Freebird, by Lynrd Skynrd. No introduction needed.   This was the Southern Rock anthem that played on 8 tracks in my High School parking lot in Stone Mountain GA.  Pot, beer, strawberry zig-zags, rebel flags, long hair,  hopped-up cars and  girls.     Skynrd penned the song for the ages with Freebird and we all sang along.

2.  Psycho Killer, Talking Heads. My parents moved to CT when I was 19 and I moved in with a band in Buckhead at the height of its’ cool period.  You needed a pass to get in.  I didn’t know who the hell I was, but I connected with this song, and this band.  It made me feel like I had discovered something underground and cool, and I could be part of it.  Take Me to the River was a close second.  Our band actually opened for Talking Heads at the Agora Ballroom. Lucky little shit….I was indeed!

3.  Manifesto, Roxy Music. Brian Ferry hypnotized me  with his voice.  If I added up all the time I spent listening to this cut, it’d probably total about 45 straight days.  I was involved with all kinds and all matters of shit and people that I should have stayed away from.  I’m very lucky to have survived this period of my life.  This music takes me straight back there.  Roxboro Rd.  Buckhead.  Edgy as a two year old playing with a rusty razor.

4.  First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Roberta Flack. All grown up now.  This is how I feel about my wife.  Johnny Cash did a gut-wrenching cover on his last album that’ll bring you to your knees.  The lyrics to this song are an incredible declaration of epic love. I love this song and I dedicate it to my wife, Lucy.

5.  Hurt, by Johnny Cash. Yes, Trent Reznor from NIN wrote it, but Mr. Cash made it his own.  Stunning lyrics and incredible video.  This song pretty much sums up how I feel about certain things right now, and I’m realizing that in the end, most of the time and effort I put into shit like a corporate job, and cars, and stuff just doesn’t f#%&ing matter at all.  Hopefully, when I revisit this theme again, my #5 song will change to something like Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

You must watch this video.

That was therapeutic! Thanks for being there for me.

There were a lot of other great songs and groups that didn’t quite make my top 5.  Beatles, Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots…I was really too young for Hendrix, and while I love Dylan…his songs are soundtracks for his life. Like I said, this wasn’t easy.   I encourage you to give this little exercise a whirl.

Please share your songs and your comments.




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