Justifiable Incest?

Can you imagine a scenario where incest is justifiable?  I couldn’t, and I’m still not sure I’m on board with it, but there it is in black and white in the bible.  Genesis 19:30 to be precise.  Hang on ’cause what you’re about to read ain’t too pretty.  Here’s the part the preacher left out.

Granted, Lot and his daughters had a really rough go of it since God sent two Angels to destroy their most recent hometown–Sodom.  It didn’t make matters any better that Lot’s wife died a horrible death and was turned into a pillar of salt as they fled the hell-fire unleashed on Sodom.  I’m sure the despair was devastating.  

Anyway, Lot and his daughters ended up in Zoar–a nearby town that was spared destruction by the Angels for the express purpose of being the sanctuary for Lot and his daughters.  Lot actually negotiated with the Angels to spare Zoar.  The Angels gave in and Lot had a safe place to flee to.  Lot didn’t get along with the people of Zoar, in fact, he feared them–so he and his two virgin daughters fled to the hills.  Caves to be precise.  Questionable choice if you ask me.

Here’s where things take a very uncomfortable turn.  The daughters–after living in the caves for a while with their Dad, Lot–come to the conclusion that they’re never going to be around other people again.  That means they’ll never marry and the family name has come to a dead end.  Put aside the fact that they fled from a town that wasn’t destroyed.  There were people there!  Men.  Men with sperm!

Enter incest.

The oldest daughter has this crazy proposition for the younger daughter.  “Let’s have sex with Dad!”  (Genesis 19:32)  “Better yet, let’s get him drunk first, then have sex with him!  Then we can have sons and carry on the family name!” 

“You first,” replied the youngest daughter. 

No problem.  The oldest daughter got her Dad so loaded on wine that he passed out.  She had sex with him and he never knew it.  She told her little sister what she had done.  “I had sex with Dad last night.  You’re up next tonight.” 

The youngest daughter complied.  She too, got Lot so blasted that he passed out again from the wine.  She, like her older sister, climbs on top of her Dad, has sex with him and goes back to her sister.  Lot, again, doesn’t realize he’s had sex with another virgin daughter.

Both the daughters become pregnant and bear sons.  One was named “Moab” which loosely translated means “from my father.  The second son was “Ben-amimi” which is “son of my relative.  Lot spoke the language.  He knew what the names meant.  Wow.

There are several points that are disturbing here, not the least of which is the incest.  First of all, it’s been my experience that if I were so drunk I was passed out–no boner is coming along anytime soon.  So, the obvious question is “was Lot really unaware that he was having sex with his daughters?” 

Second, both daughters were virgins.  We know that because he offered his “two virgin daughters” to a rape-hungry rabble in Sodom the night before the Angels obliterated it,  and everyone that stayed behind.  On another note, sex with a virgin takes some effort.  How’d he get this done passed out drunk?  Hmmmm? 

Third, there’s no mention of Lot ever questioning how his new sons/grandsons came to be.  I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty curious about how my daughters got knocked up in the middle of nowhere, with no one else in sight.  And what about the names?  “C’mon Lot, you had to know something was up with a name like Moab, right?”

There’s apparently no repercussion for this act, as Lot and his daughters appear to live happily ever after.

Justifiable incest?  I’d love to know your thoughts!


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