In God We Trust Still Spoken Here

“In God We Trust Still Spoken Here”

That’s what the sign said in front of a rural tree service, firewood and stump removal company that I passed today.  Made me think.  Made me proud that they had the balls to say that out loud.  Redneck, religious and proud.  Guys that work their asses off for a days wage.  They’re the backbone of this country that rights us when we begin to sway.


I saw some asshole today on FoxNews that is suing his child’s high-school because they’re having the graduation ceremony in a church.  He’s claiming discrimination…blah, blah, blah.  Get over it.  Let the kids graduate without all the drama.  It amazes me that this guy is using his child’s graduation as a political and religious debate platform.


Me?  I miss the Cleavers.  I miss patriotism.  I miss tolerance.  I miss what America used to be, but I can feel her about to roar back to life.  We’re going back to the basics and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop us. C’mon girl, C’mon America…let’s go.

God.  Family.  Country.


Agree with me or not, but there’s a little something somewhere in the back of the minds of even the most ardent disbelievers. Something that lingers.  Something that won’t quite go away.


I believe God lurks because he’s there.  Feel free to disagree.  I won’t hold it against you or push my beliefs down your throat.  It takes real courage to believe in something.

Have a voice.  Be an advocate.  Be for something instead of against something.  Have the courage to believe…in anything.

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