I Dedicate This Song to President Obama

It’s come down to this. In his address to the UN, President Obama actually referred to himself in the first person 1,200 times. Who loves Obama? Obama loves Obama!! He’s indoctrinating our children. It’d be a lot more fun to watch if this were a movie and Tom Cruise were around the corner to save the day.

Here’s the video. I dedicate it to our President on his quest to become King of the World. Listen to it as you read the rest of this post.

Current events are taking every beer in my refrigerator to deal with. Czars, Government Motors, Government Banking, Government Healthcare, Cash for Clunkers, Cash for Appliances, Wall Street bail-out to newspaper bail-outs. Gigantic fucking government is no longer creeping up…it’s tackled me. I can’t bank, can’t buy a car, can’t buy a house, can’t get medical care without the GD government having a hand in it.  Fellini’s pizza now requires me to fill out a form with all of my personal data before I can get a pizza to go.  Upside–there’s a Government wonk in the men’s room waiting to wash my hands after I take a piss.

Here’s the weirdest part. Forget the back-breaking debt King Obama’s programs are going to burden our children with….we need to worry about our country’s place in the world. “No International balance of power.” Are you fucking kidding me Mr. President? Balance of power is exactly what has kept World order since WWI. US is no longer a super-power….on and on and on and on. President Obama is positioning the world for a post-USA era. He is surrendering. Once China succeeds with Russia on displacing the dollar as the back-up world currency….we are done, and you better be holding onto your nuts when it happens.

Relax...I'm on it.....

Relax...I'm on it.....

King Obama has declined Prime Minister Brown’s request for a meeting five times during the Bananna Republic UN sessions this week. Note to the Prez: The UK is our closest ally on the planet. Do Not Ignore. WTF is going on? Can’t the shadow government handle a meeting with Brown? Putin must have a giant hard-on every time he watches King Obama make another move that diminishes our country’s place on this planet.



The bully-pulpit has reached my living room and I don’t like it. I do like this song. I listen to it as I cower in fear as I watch the next thing our President will do to dismantle our Country. I cannot wait until the next election…assuming we’ll still have free elections. I’ll work with ACORN to make sure I get to vote multiple times and get these assholes out of office before they do irreparable harm to the county my family members died for in the name of freedom.

Shirtless Rulers!  Cool!! Duh?

Shirtless Rulers! Cool!! Duh?

I was rooting for Obama, but I have fallen out of love with him and his policies. Frankly, he is scaring me.



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