Dear Cocaine:

This is a real letter from an addict that lived on the streets in Atlanta.  He’s now off the streets thanks to some tough love from Gary Tucker, the Director of Retreat from the Streets.

A moment of peace, please.

If you don’t enjoy seeing homeless addicts on the street, then throw a few bones to these guys.  They’re not self-funding and a small donation goes a long, long way.

Dear Cocaine,

When I first met you I thought you were a recreational drug. So, then I decided to get to know you better. What I think I liked about you was, that you were there through the good times and the bad. But, then the more I got to know you things changed. Not just you had changed but me also. My addiction for you started causing me pain and suffering. You remember when we hook-up at 10:00 o’clock that evening and partyed all night and I told you I had to be at work first thing in the morning and you had other plans. So, I agreed and missed work and got fired. And, as a result I couldn’t pay my rent and got evicted. But, I didn’t turn my back on you. I gave you another chance. Do you know my sick love for you caused me financial problems, legal issues, and family pressured me to stop seeing you. So, I am writing this letter to say it’s over. You have been destructive to me and my well being. I wished I never met you. But, today through the faith I have in Jesus Christ, I hope you will never destroy another persons life ever again.


Tough stuff.  Your comments are always welcome.  You can help these guys with a small donation here.







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