A Couple of Pearls

I once read a diary written by a young man in his twenties that was penned in the 1920′s.  He used the term “pearls” for things he liked, especially for stolen moments he shared with the girl that owned his heart. He was fond of motoring with her and sitting in the rumble seat.

Here are a few pearls I can share with you.  A truly great beer brewed by Oskar Blues...Gordon’s, worthy of an effort to experience…I’m tossing in  a really great song with profound lyrics that are more relevant today than they were in the 80′s,… these pearls are yours for the taking.

Here’s the tune for the day. Listen to it as you read this. Go ahead, hit the button.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  The band is the the.  (not a typo.)

And here’s the beer you should drink with it.  Click on the picture to go the their web-site.  Great story.

Damned Good Canned Beer

Damned Good Canned Beer

Don’t let the can fool you.  Oskar Blues was one of the first to recognize the value of sealing their hand-crafted brew in a tin vault as opposed to a porous bottle.  This is a fine ale.  You can get it at Brickstore Pub, The Porter Beer Bar and sometimes at the Vortex Bar and Grill, and any liquor store worth its’ salt with at least a half-assed selection of brew.




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