Rachelle–Do Homeless Really Look Like Her?

What do homeless people look like? Let me guess.  Black.  Dirty. Scary.  Several layers of clothing.  Worn out shoes.  Black plastic bag slung over their shoulder, and their hand stretched out for a handout. Am I close?  It’s okay to admit it to yourself here.  Here’s the rest of the profile.  Bum.  Addict.  Convict. Dangerous! Perfectly able to walk around all day, so why don’t they just get a job?  Right?  After all, they chose to be on the streets.  Right?

You’re partially right if that’s your profile.  There are people on the streets that are exactly like that.  There are some others that aren’t.

I want to show you something that I guarantee you will surprise you.  I’m going to introduce you to someone I’ve met that lives on the streets.  She’s…that’s right, I did say she...she’s intelligent, sweet, honest, clean, pretty and an all around good person.  She’s just completed a job-training program and is looking for work.  She’s been on the streets since last September.

When you meet her, I want you to think about this vulnerable woman living outside in the freezing cold, rain, and sleet.  I want you to think about the dangers she encounters everyday in her quest to just survive–the real addicts, thugs, and street criminals that see her as a target. I want you to be aware that there’s no money in her pocket, no refrigerator full of food, no permanent shelter and no apparent end in sight to her homelessness.  I want you to think about how in the hell did a nice girl like her end up on the street.  Then, I want you to give me a dollar.  That’s what it costs to see her video.

Her name is Rachelle and she’s an angel. I’ve met her many times and every time, there’s a smile.  She has an unbreakable will to rise above her situation.  You should care that she’s out on the streets.  Get your wallet ready.  Here’s her video.

Why do I want a dollar? I want to give it to the organization that provides a safe haven for her during the day. The organization that provides her with a warm meal every day. I want you to help me help her and other people like her. It’s easy. Just hit the donate button and give me a dollar. You can give more if you’d like–I won’t be pissed off.  Here’s the other option: hit this link and go to their web-site.  You can give directly to them and see what they do.

It’s only a friggin’ dollar.  Gimme one so that I can give it to someone else.

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